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About us

We are a small family winery founded in 1991. We take care of 8 hectars (almost 20.000 acres) of vineyards located in Velké Bílovice, Moravia, Czech republic.

Our philosophy  is very simple and it is based on a relation between a human and a nature to keep the production sustainable. 

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About vineyards

We think that nature can not be replaced by anything synthetical, so we have decided to use more eco-friendly preparates in our vineyards in 90s. We eliminate the use of industrially syntetized pesticides, fungicides and herbicides as well as chemical fertilizers.

We see the vineyard as a part of living system. The increase in biodiversity in vineyard will bring the natural predators that are able to fight against unfriendly insects and pests. This allows us to use less sprays. (The natural approach still allows to use copper and suphur-based sprays.)

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About wine

Our wines are made with no intervention – that means that we give the wine the space and the time needed to arise by its own way.  We use only nature yeasts and the fermentation is spontaneous.  We just control the whole process to avoid any undesirable state. 

The grape skins are kept together with juice and then the wine is matured in oak barrels or stainless steel tanks for 6 to 36 months (or more  ) 
We use the lees stirring (also known as batonage) for aging the wine. 

The wine should be a recognizable. The year, the soil composition, the humidity, the weather and the work of winemaker creates the Terroir. 

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Our other products

We make a grape jam that contains just our grapes, sugar and citrus pectin. It is made from variety called Dornfelder. 

We also make a wine jelly that contains wine, sorted spice and citrus pectin.

We produce our grape juice (grape must) – fresh and healhy (alcohol free ) drink. 

We produce so called orange wines – wines manufactured by an old georgian method. The whole grapes are fermented in ceramics amphoras. 


Wine Tasting

If you would like to visit us we are pleased to introduce you with our wines in our wine cellar in Velké Bílovice, Moravia, Czech republic. 

The cost of tasting is 400 CZK (16 €) per person. 
(It contains a tasting of 10 – 12 bottles of our wine)

For ordering a wine tasting please send us an e-mail or give us a call. 


We could offer you an accommodation in our wine cellar that contains: 

•    Two separate rooms  (first room contains 3 beds and  TV and second room contains 2 beds)
•    Small kitchen (incl. fridge, microwave oven, induction cooker, kettle, toaster)
•    WC and separate bathroom with 
•    balcony
•    outside terrace (you can use a small garden grill as well)  
•    free wi-fi


Costs of accommodation: 

1 – 2 nights 400 CZK/ person / night
3 nights and more 350 CZK / person / night


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